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MedLabs Joint Test Catalog (JTC)

MedLabs, in collaboration with our reference laboratories at St. Luke’s Hospital and Mayo Medical Laboratories has created a Joint Test Catalog (JTC).  This convenient authoritative tool can be used to identify and determine the requirements for the collection and handling procedures of all specimens tested locally or at our reference laboratories.

Click on the link to browse for test names alphabetically or perform a search based on the test’s name or abbreviation.  Your search results will include the Reporting and Method name; Specimen Type, Requirements, Minimum Volume, and Stability; Special Instructions; Reference Values; Test Classification as well as CPT and LOINC Code Information.

MedLabs Policies

  • Laboratory testing is performed in compliance with federal and state laws. Under Iowa law, only licensed physicians (or authorized individuals) may order laboratory testing.

  • Requests for laboratory testing must be in writing and signed by the requesting physician (or authorized individuals) before services can be performed.

  • Requests for laboratory testing must have supporting documentation of signs/symptoms or diagnosis codes specific and consistent with the medical necessity for the testing to be performed. This supporting documentation must be included with the order to assure proper coding to comply with third party payer rules for medical necessity.

  • Turn-Around Time (TAT) for laboratory testing varies by test and where the testing is performed. Testing performed locally by automated methods can be available within minutes of specimen receipt. Other testing (e.g., cultures and reference send outs) may require days for processing and reporting. See Reference manual for test menu and turn-around time.

  • The ordering provider will be contacted for clarification in the event that requests for lab orders that are unclear.

  • Personnel receiving verbal or phone orders read back the entire order to verify accuracy of transcription and the laboratory will solicit written or electronic authorization for verbal orders within 30 days.

  • Laboratory data is accessible only to those healthcare personnel who are authorized to review test results and at the written request/authorization of the patient.

  • Laboratory testing that is not performed on site is referred to St. Luke’s Hospital. St. Luke’s

  • Laboratory with the Medical Staff work in cooperation to evaluate and approve reference laboratories.

  • The laboratory’s current test methods, including performance specifications, are available to clients upon request.

Scope of Service

Laboratory outreach services are available to all patients of all ages.

The lab services offered vary with location and hours of operation. Click on the link
Locations for addresses and hours of operation.

For the list of tests and services available please refer to Medlabs'
Joint Test Catalog.