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Patient Services

Collection Procedures and Instructions

24 Hour Urine Collection Instructions

The accuracy of any urine test depends on proper specimen collection. There may be a certain diet or requirement for each test. See individual test for any special diet or storage requirement.

  1. Empty bladder first thing in the morning. Discard this first specimen and note the time.The collection time starts with an empty bladder.

  2. Document the start date and time on the specimen jug. From this point, collect ALL urine passed during the day and night into this container.

  3. On the following day, at the same hour the collection was started, empty your bladder and add this finalcollection to the container. The final specimen is now a 24 hourcollected specimen.Document the end date and time on the specimen jug.

  4. Return the 24 hour specimen to the laboratory or doctor’s office as soon as possible.Maintain the specimen at the temperature it was collected at until it can be delivered tothe laboratory or doctor’s office.