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Patient Services

Our History

Cedar Valley Pathologists and St. Luke’s Hospital opened a joint venture business called Medical Laboratories of Eastern Iowa in November 1991. This for-profit outreach laboratory was formed to support physician office practices in the Cedar Rapids region which covers Linn, Benton, Cedar and Jones Counties. Today, Medical Laboratories of Eastern Iowa, more commonly referred to as MedLabs, has grown to employ more than 60 employees who support a growing network of specimen collection and testing sites. MedLabs also provides technical consultant services for laboratory activities performed in UnityPoint Clinics in the Cedar Rapids region.

Our Mission

MedLabs strives to provide the highest quality clinical laboratory testing in Eastern Iowa. It is our goal to be a leader in services to the community, to establish long-term relationships with area clinicians, to support the efforts of St. Luke’s Hospital and to support the physician office laboratories of UnityPoint Health affiliates

Our Vision

In partnership with employees and physicians, establish MedLabs as the leader in laboratory outreach and to be the laboratory of choice for our outpatient community.

Standards of Excellence

  • Sense of Ownership: Demonstrates personal commitment and positively promotes Medlabs through quality job performance, a sense of responsibility for high achievement, professional appearance, and awareness of what is happening in the organization.
  • Positive Attitude: Demonstrates pride and energy when interacting with patients/clients through all forms of communication: verbal, written, and non-verbal. Interacts with others without rudeness.
  • Responsiveness: Accommodates the needs of others through the use of timely actions, clarification, apologies, considerations, and the offering of additional information.
  • Communication: Openly interacts with patients and visitors through greetings and introductions, courteous gestures, engaging listening and feedback in dialog, providing helpful information, and avoiding technical language.
  • Commitment to Co-Workers: Cooperatively seeks to support and contribute to the work of others by offering assistance, acknowledging accomplishments, applying fair and respectful treatment, and addressing conflict in an appropriate manner.
  • Privacy/Confidentiality: Upholds information and dignity of patients in the highest regard through private and appropriate conversations and security procedures such as filing orders, logging out of computer screens, closing doors/curtains for patient privacy.
  • Safety: Keeps work area and surrounding environment clean and safe, reports practices and situations that may cause harm.  Follows patient safety policies including but not limited to hand washing and patient identification.

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Medical Laboratories of Eastern Iowa